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Country Home Tour

What a pleasure it was to visit this lovely country home. Built in 2005 this is a lovely variation of our Country Cottage in-house floor plan. 

Set on a hilltop over looking oak trees and an adorable red barn, this home turned out truly charming. Owner, Channa greeted me as I pulled into the drive with a welcoming smile. 

blue2 Wweb

It was great to see how the landscaping has changed since the last time we had taken photos here. Today, maple trees are growing, a vegetable garden sets off to the side of the house and the strawberries! Beautiful!

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Curious sheep watched as I explored the property with Channa listening to her stories and enjoying the natural landscape. Chickens scattered as we approached the little red barn. 

barn Wweb

Channa told me stories of working with owner Dave Lawson to design the small red barn pictured above. The design turned out perfect for her needs and the family of sheep pictured above love their home. A unique elephant weather vane sets with pride atop of this charming red barn. Channa smiled as she shared with me the story of how she had told her son to chose any weather vane he wanted. She explained her surprise when the elephant arrived. She couldn't be more happy with it! Looking at it with her, I could see the unique beauty and fond memory associated with the piece. The elephant weather vane is perfect in this setting.

elephabt Wweb

And of course fair is fair. After taking many photos of Channa's beautiful home and surrounding property Channa insisted it was my turn to have a photo taken. She scooped up one of her lambs and here I am below holding the little guy before returning to my desk. What a fun trip! 

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