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3 Questions Before You Build

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Go into the building process prepared. Answer these three important questions before you dive in and it will help make the building process stress free. 


cash1.) What is my budget?

Knowing your budget is key when building your new home. Having a realistic budget will save you headaches down the line and will determine the kind of home you can build.  


2.) What are my wants and needs?

Make a list of wants and needs for your new home. Under “needs”, clearly list all the features your home MUST include. For example, hardwood floors, spare guest room with bathroom, oversized kitchen etc. Under “wants”, list features that you would like to have but can live with out if you have to. Listing your needs and wants will help you allocate your budget to include the most important items initially, then you can add in “wants” as your budget allows. 


3.) Where will I build? 

Thoroughly investigate the land you intend to purchase. Be sure to answer the following questions - these items can make a big difference to your budget: 

How far are the power lines? If you are building on a town lot, how far are the sewer lines? Will you need to install a septic system or a well? Is there a good spot to build on? Does the building site fit the home design I want? How much excavation will be needed? 

Each building site is different. The layout of your property will determine where and what exactly you can build. If you have a wide sprawling home design in mind, then remember to look for properties the house will fit on nicely. A short narrow lot will not work well with a sprawling house.

Don’t hesitate to bring in a contractor for a site evaluation. In fact, we recommend it. As experts, a contractor will be able to identify issues you may not see, and make suggestions on home designs that will best utilize your space and compliment the natural surroundings as well as lowering excavation, saving you money. 


We hope you found these questions helpful. 

There are a lot of decisions you will need to make when you choose to build. Hardware, flooring, paint etc. Do your research ahead. Look at other homes. Take photos, search the internet and save images of the designs and styles that peak your interest. Going into the project with a clear plan will help keep the project fun.

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