Dave Lawson started in the construction business as an apprentice carpenter in 1976. He found he genuinely enjoyed his trade and worked hard for the next five years improving his skill set. After a five year stint as a framer, he took and passed the California state exam to qualify for a General Building Contractors license. With license in hand and a passion for the construction business Dave launched Lawson Construction in 1981. In 1986 Dave qualified for a General Engineering Contractors license which allowed his company to offer many new services to his clients.

Over the years, Lawson Construction has built a reputation for a high quality product offered at fair prices creating great value for their clients.

The company moved into its current location at 3836 Highway 49 south in 1991 and just a few years later in 1996 Lawson Construction, added an in house cabinet shop to further improve the companies product.

Today with over 30 years experience, more than 200 residential and 30 commercial projects completed Lawson Construction is in a unique position to help you make your dream home a reality.